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Unofficial Mayor & Council Meeting Highlights May 8 2024

May 8, 2024

  • Student Government Day – Mayor & Council welcomed students from The Northvale Public School as the students conducted the meeting with help from the Council

  • Approved resolutions for professional services and contractor for 2024 road paving program – Pierron, Longview, West

  • Approved execution of DPW Services Agreement with Borough of Rockleigh - $27.5K with a $750 option for an additional day of wood chipping

  • Accepted lowest bid for replacing bathrooms in Senior Center with ADA compliant bathrooms

  • Passed resolution advocating for passing of OPRA Reform legislation in NJ State Legislature

  • Passed Ordinance for Filming in the Borough – sets requirements and regulations for production companies

  • Passed Ordinance for new requirements for contractors wishing to open any street or sidewalk for construction work

  • Passed state mandated tree removal ordinance which establishes rules and regulations for any trees removed by organizations or residents

  • Passed Ordinance establishing 3-year 3% surcharge on building permits to offset cost of state mandated new software for electronic permitting for Building Department

  • Passed first reading of bond ordinances for street paving, new fire rescue vehicle replacing 30-year old existing one, grant funded paving of Scharer Ave and Wildwood Rd W, grant funded improvements to Veterans Park

  • Discussed military banners beginning to be hung on light poles along Livingston St. and Paris Ave.

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