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Building Department
(Main Number)

201-767-3330 ext 213
201-767-9631 Fax

Richard Hess

Construction Code Official
201-767-3330 ext 215
[Send an email]

Julia Martino
Technical Assistant

201-767-3330 ext 213
[Send an email]

Nick Lepore

Property Maintenance
Zoning Officer
Code Enforcement Officer

201-767-3330 ext 217
[Send an email]

Richard Hess
Electrical Inspector/Fire Inspector

Chuck Batch
Fire Subcode Official

[Send an email]

Charles Thomas
Fire Official

201-767-3330 ext 214

Stephen Wiersma
Plumbing Inspector

Artie Sopelsa

Building Sub-Code Official

Ext. 213

Useful Forms & Information

Untitled design (7) (1).png
Application for UCC Variation
Untitled design (7) (1).png
UCC Jacket
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Building Subcode Form
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Electrical Inspection Form
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Fire Subcode Application
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Plumbing Subcode Application
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Zoning Review Form
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Zoning Limiting Schedule
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Construction Application Checklist
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Mechanical Tech Sheet
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Deck Information
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Garage Sale Application
Untitled design (7) (1).png
OPRA Request Form
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Business Census Form

Useful Forms & Information

Untitled design (7) (1).png
Northvale Zoning Map
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Borough Zoning Code
Untitled design (7) (1).png
Swimming Pool Ordinance

Borough Code
Borough Code now on internet, to access click on link below

Building Department

Inspection Dates & Times By Appointment Only:

Electrical Inspections:
Tuesday & Thursday - 2PM - 4PM

Plumbing Inspections:
Tuesday & Thursday - 12PM - 3:30PM

Fire Inspections:
Tuesday & Thursday
- 9AM - 11AM

Building and Inspections:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 2PM - 4PM

Zoning Inspections: 

Monday - 8:30PM - 3:30PM

Having Work Done Around Your House?

Contractors are responsible for the removal of any construction material that they remove from your home, including fencing material. Homeowners doing their own work should call our refuse collection company Interstate Waste Services at 201-768-5407 to find out what they will pick up and when and if there is an additional charge.

Garage Sale Permits

There is a fee of $10.00 for garage sale permits and they will be issued to any one address only four times during any calendar year. No such permit shall be issued for more than two consecutive days. Call Julia Martino the Building Department Technical Assistant at 201-767-3330 Ext. 213 or visit the building department for this permit or download these forms and others forms left hand column of this page.

Replacing an appliance? Get a permit.

It is required by law that a permit be taken out before a hot water heater or furnace is replaced. Many people complain about this and others try to avoid this, but there is a good reason for this requirement. After installation/replacement, an inspector will be sent to see if it has been properly installed. It seems like it’s easy, but there are several items in the installation phase that could cause injury, fire or death (carbon monoxide poisoning) if not properly installed. Operating these appliances without obtaining a permit and being properly inspected will result in a $250.00 fine.

Building a Deck?

If you are building a deck, building code requirements can be found on the left hand column of this page.

Selling Your Home?

The law requires a Certificate of Continued Occupancy if you are selling your home, issued by the Building Department twenty days before your closing. You can obtain forms on-line or call the building department at 201-767-3330 ext. 213 for further information.


200' Property List: $10.00
Zoning Booklet: $10.00
Site Plan Review Booklet: $5.00
Subdivision Booklet: $10.00
Zoning Map: $3.00
Tax Assessment Map: $5.00
Master Plan: $40.00
Master Plan Map: $3.00

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