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Mayor & Council Unofficial May Meeting Highlights

May 10, 2023

  • Welcomed students from Northvale Public School as part of Student Government Day. Students we paired with the Mayor, Council, Clerk and professionals and played the parts of each. Excellent job by all who participated.

  • Honored the Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps with special certificates for their work during the initial COVID period in 2020-21. A plaque will also be displayed in Borough Hall.

  • Opened meeting to public for comments on Open Space Grant Application for field Improvements at Hogan Park. No comments. Followed by a resolution to submit the application.

  • Authorized payment for the 2023 road paving program for the contractor and engineering companies.

  • Issued resolution showing support for the request to the state to delay the 4th round of affordable housing, extending the current obligation from 2025 to 2028.

  • Authorized the Tax Collector to prepare and mail estimated tax bills due by August 1, 2023

  • Approved 1st reading of ordinance amending the zoning of the Borough code lifting the prohibition on issuing licenses for cannabis growing and cultivation in the light industrial area. Strict prohibition on retail and delivery.

  • Approved 2nd reading of ordinance to resurface Veterans Drive and Legrand Ave – Phase II, Phase I completed in 2022.

  • Approved 2nd reading of ordinances to fix the salaries, wages and compensation for Borough Hall and DPW employees

  • Approved 2nd reading of ordinance to adopt an official seal for the Borough of Northvale

  • Read reports consisting of notifications of the annual Memorial Day Parade (May 29, 11AM), Concerts in the Park (Jun 29, Jul 20, 7 PM), Movie Under the Starts (8/25, 8 PM), Mayor stated he was able to bring down the $340K increase for 2023 garbage and recycling down by $80K after meeting with Interstate, act of vandalism reported at Veterans Park whereby clean out drains were broken open and filled with rocks, plastic and a tennis ball resulting in a good portion of the parking lot being dug up with the use of heavy equipment and a special camera needed to repair.

  • Discussion on where to place dog park with the money resulting from 2022 grant. Slated for Veterans Park.

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