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Mayor & Council Unofficial June Meeting Highlights

June 14, 2023

  • Honored the Northvale School Baseball Team for winning the Northern Valley Championship

  • CFO Joe Luppino presented the 2023 Northvale Municipal Budget

  • Budget had a 1st reading and was approved by the Council

  • Appointment of Dylan Plescia to the Northvale Volunteer Fire Department was approved

  • Authorized contract execution with Interstate Waste Services for 3-years with 2-year option for garbage and recycling

  • Authorized inclusion into the Bergen County Mutual Aid program for assisting with fire fighting. Mutual aid has been expanded to the entire county

  • Authorized submission of grant request for lead inspections

  • Passed resolution supporting a bill in NJ Legislature that would provide property tax relief for residents

  • Approved 2nd reading of bond ordinance for air conditioning replacement at police HQ, video cameras at Hogan Park, new pickup truck for DPW and road paving program

  • Approved 2nd reading of ordinance for availability of 2 cannabis licenses for classes 1,2,3 and 4. Classes 5 and 6 (retail and delivery) are prohibited

  • 1st reading of ordinance that clearly defines the Borough’s responsibilities and business owners’ responsibilities for the cleanout of sewer laterals

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