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Unofficial Mayor & Council Reorganization Meeting Highlights

January 3, 2024

  • Swore in new Council members, Laura Fernandez and Hovannes Bakalian

  • Swore in Councilman Roy Sokoloski to finish unexpired term

  • Awarded trophy and certificates to 1st Annual Battle of the Bulbs winners – Sokoloski, Osso, Witkowski, Jacobsen and Furletti

  • Nominated and approved Councilwoman Kara McMorrow and Council President

  • Nominated and approved Councilman Hovannes Bakalian to be representative on Planning/Zoning Board

  • Approved Council appointments for liaison and committee positions (visible on website)

  • Approved professional appointments for 2024 (visible on website)

  • Approved administrative actions – meeting dates, tax due dates and interest rates, bank depositories, petty cash amounts, back office software, official newspapers, cash management plan, recycling coordinator, towing licenses for police, mutual aid agreements for police/fire/ems, shared services for firearms facilities, health benefits waivers, internet/email code of conduct, form used for tort claims and temporary budget

  • Approved appointment of Roger Hauser as Municipal Judge for 3-year term

  • Passed resolution to continue to be a part of the Riverside Cooperative purchasing program

  • Appointed Municipal Clerk to be Public Agency Compliance Officer and Municipal Housing Liaison,

  • Appointed Piazza & Associates as Affordable Housing Administrative Agent for the Borough

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