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Unofficial Mayor & Council Meeting Highlights Feb 14 2024

February 14, 2024

  • Passed resolution to enter into agreement with Bergen County to remove and replace fencing on Fields 1 & 2 at Hogan Park. The County is supplying $80K as a grant for the project.

  • Authorized the Borough Attorney to execute 1-year professional service agreements for all of the approved Borough professionals.

  • Approved grant submission to NJ DCA requesting $100K for fencing replacement project on Fields 3 & 4 at Hogan Park.

  • Approved solicitation of bids for the Riverside Cooperative 2024 paving program for all municipalities in the cooperative.

  • Approved application for Northvale Municipal Alliance funding for 24-25.

  • Approved the acceptance of the lowest bidder for the Veterans Memorial Park Dog Park project. Balitano Contracting for $27,900. Project is funded through a grant.

  • 1st reading of salary ordinances for 2024 for the DPW and Police

  • 1st reading of ordinance modifying existing background check ordinance changing the burden of payment for fingerprinting from volunteers to the Borough. This lowers the barrier for volunteers to participate in organizations such as recreation, fire and EMS.

  • Events schedule starting to come together: 3/13 Northvale Birthday celebration at M&C meeting, 3/23 Egg Hunt, 5/3 Movie Under the Stars – Star Wars, 5/27 Memorial Day Parade, 7/12 Concert in the Park – Blend, 9/7 Town Day, 12/6 Holiday Tree Lighting

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