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Unofficial Mayor & Council Meeting Highlights April 10 2024

April 10, 2024

  • Held an open public Hearing on the Borough’s Open Space Application for field improvements at Hogan Park. Request is for $179K. Resolution approving the application was approved as well.

  • Read proclamation declaring the week of April 8th National Library Week in Northvale

  • Approved appointment of Brian Park to the Fire Department

  • Passed resolution accepting lowest bid for the Riverside Coop annual road paving program – DLS Contracting

  • Passed resolution entering into a 5-year agreement with Bergen County for certain tree removals

  • Established stipend program for firefighters for 3 years based on $183K SAFER program grant

  • Passed state DEP mandated ordinance revising how the Borough manages storm water

  • Passed state DEP mandated ordinance revising how salt and deicers are stored by public and private entities as well as residents

  • Passed annual ordinance fixing the salaries for Borough employees (non-police and DPW)

  • 1st reading of ordinance establishing parameters and regulations for filming within the Borough

  • 1st reading of ordinance modifying requirements for contractors for any street opening permits sought

  • 1st reading of state DEP mandated ordinance establishing requirements for tree removal including the need for permits and replacing trees that are removed.

  • 1st reading of an ordinance establishing a 3% surcharge on building permits for a period of 3 years to pay for state mandated software required by building departments for electronic permitting

  • Seeking volunteer groups for town clean-up days

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