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Mayor & Council Unofficial Special Meeting Highlights

January 19, 2023

  • Mayor & Council honored the Northern Valley Old Tappan state championship football team and honored Northvale resident, Head Coach Brian Dunn, with a proclamation of Brian Dunn Day in Northvale on January 20, 2023

  • Roy Sokoloski was voted in as a new Councilman filling the void created by last year’s election

  • Resolution passed approving the advertising of a new request for bids for garbage and recycling services

  • Resolution passed approving the advertising for RFQs for an IT Management Service. Previous was in-house stipend.

  • Resolution passed authorizing the hiring of Antoinette Kelly as a part-time Qualified Purchasing Agent (QPA) for the Borough. Previous was in-house stipend.

  • 1st reading of ordinance modifying language that stipulates number of employees and exact position titles permitted in the Department of Public Works. New ordinance creates more flexibility for department head and Mayor & Council to hire and change as necessary.

  • 1st reading of a state mandated ordinance that requires all businesses and multi-unit dwelling owners in the Borough to register annually with the Borough showing proof of insurance (specific requirements can be found in the ordinance).

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