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Mayor & Council Unofficial Meeting Highlights

August 9, 2023

  • Moment of silence for Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver and Martha Rooney

  • Appointed Vincent Sloat to the Northvale Junior Fire Department

  • Authorized contract with Acari Iovino for architectural services for grant-funded ADA doors at Senior Center

  • Approved bid advertising for Veterans Drive Phase II paving and Livingston St. Streetscape improvements

  • Approved purchase of two police vehicles, funded from DEA dollars

  • Authorized contract with I-M Cleaning Services for Borough Hall cleaning services

  • Approved contract with tree service for Riverside Coop municipalities

  • First reading of ordinance for annual police salaries

  • First reading of ordinance for one side of street parking on Walnut St. from Rockland to Legrand on Sundays and holidays

  • First reading of bond ordinance for vital fire department equipment, computer network equipment and building dept. equipment


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